Hair Modelling

Chromabesque_hair study screenshot 1Chromabesque_hair study screenshot 2Chromabesque_hair study screenshot 3Chromabesque_hair study screenshot 4

Some 3D modelling, focusing on hair and how it flows in 3D.



Chromabesque -Pensive

A painting of one of my original characters. Playing with different light sources.



chromabesque-grace-progress-shots A piece inspired by ballet, ballroom dancing and eighteenth century fashion. The left leg symbolises the dancer’s stance. Reference used for the shoe and for the dress, to gain inspiration and to understand the style.

Mikhail character design


A design of one of my original characters, Mikhail. This would be his winter wear, and more designs of his daily wear are in progress. As he is a jeweller, the cane and collar piece tie in with his design, though the cane is hardly used in his daily life. Some reference used for trousers and shoes.

Mage design


A fantasy style design. The costume was fun to work on, especially the drapery of the dress. Two versions include with and without the magic orbs.



Wanted to paint a portrait with a classic feel to it, with some mystery atmosphere/lighting thrown in. References used for hat and trench coat.