Chromabeque - Elegance

This was enjoyable to work on, and painting with chalk brushes allowed for a painterly result.

Painting process video can be seen here:


Character Design II

chromabesque - fashion design

Some character designs and outfits. This was made with pencil, markers, coloured pencils, pens and coloured ink.


chromabesque - hours

A painting of one of my original characters. Tried the technique of painting in black and white (grisaille) and then overlay (or glaze) colours on subsequent layers. The ipad app ‘Procreate’ was used to create this painting.

Painting process video can be seen here:


chromabesque - filigree

A painting made on the iPad. This was an enjoyable painting, and I liked the different categories of brushes, such as the calligraphy and the traditional media styles. I chose a vivid colour scheme, with a hint of earthy colours for the background.